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Breakdance basic moves

Basic Moves
Top Rock
is a simple dance done standing up to initiate breakdancing. Its style is obvious to anyone watching, because it is incredibly unorthodox looking. Breakdancers take pride in having unique toprock that still stays within the definition of what toprock actually is.

is doing a toprock with someone else, sort of like a fight but without contact and very rhythmic. Uprocking is often confused with toprock, but the two are completely different dances.

resembles walking in a circle on the ground. Only one hand is touching the ground at a time. The 6-step is the building block for the rest of the dance, and is heavily 'teched' or modified to allow for variation and style.

Step 1   

Step 2                     

Step 3                     

Step 4

Step 5                     

Step 6                      

Back to step 1

a move where a dancer slides backward while their legs appear to be walking forward.

a move in which a dancer lies on the ground and forms a rippling motion through his body. This can be done if one of two ways, either forward or backwards, either shifting your weight from the upper body to the lower body (backwards) or vice-versa for forwards. Sophie Tucker is recognized as the creator of this move, which goes back to the 1920's.


The Windmill
is a move in which the dancer spins from his upper back to his chest while twirling his legs around his body in a V-shape. There are many variations to this move such as nutcrackers and handcuffs. Many dancers will spend anywhere from two to six months learning how to do a basic windmill, since the motion is quite unorthodox.
see the move here..  and here

Head spin 
the dancer spins on his head, often while wearing a stocking cap or handkerchief. When the dancer uses his hands to aid in speeding up the spin, it is called 'tapping.' A dancer may tap for a few rotations and then 'glide' for as many as 15 rotations. Kid Freeze is the b-boy who claims to have invented the headspin.

is an incredibly difficult move borrowed from gymnastics and resembles the use of a Pommel Horse, but is performed without one

is a move performed on the ground having the dancer balancing on one hand and laying his body on the elbow of the same arm. He then bounce up and down with his hand as he spins around.

Flash kick

Head windmill

Air flare

Air flare 2

Air flare 3

Back 2 back


Baby mill

Air Baby


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